You Don’t Know Anything About Journalism But You’re Proudly Dragging Mona Gucci – Oheneba Ntim-Barima Blasts McBrown



Finally, Mona Gucci has gone all out with her beef with Nana Ama McBrown.


On the ‘Link Up With Mona Gucci Show’, Mona Gucci and her guest Oheneba Ntim-Barima dragged McBrown in the mud!

Media personality Oheneba Ntim-Barima has said that McBrown is illiterate.

According to him, McBrown knows nothing about journalism but she’s been allowed to host a program without being dragged or questioned.

Oheneba went on to say that McBrown had no right to ask Mona Gucci which law school she attended because that is solely the right of the General Legal Counsel.


He, therefore, concluded that McBrown considers Mona Gucci as her competitor and sought to run her down!

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