Wonders they say shall never end! Pastor Flies In Church – [watch video].




Wonders they say shall never end and it seems to be very true as a video which is making rounds on social media has shown moments a pastor was seen defying gravity as he was spotted flying with any thing holding him up.


From the look of the video, the pastor who was preaching to his church members all of a sudden left the pulpit and start ascending to the air which amazed the church members who were at the service.

The pastor whose identity is yet to be known was said to have lied about being able to fly as a careful look at the video suggested the pastor was hanging on a rope controlled by an invisible drone.



He made the stunt while demonstrating how Jesus ascended to heaven and how his disciples were confused at the spiritual privilege.

According to social media users, the pastor is fond of performing such stunts to warm him up for Christmas services and drama.

Watch the video below;



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