Woman addicted to eating toilet paper spends 30,500ghc per year


Kinah stated that she used four rolls of toilet paper every pay period, totaling more than GH30,500 per year.

The stunning American woman emphasised the benefits of eating toilet paper, which include zero calories and no hangover.

It wasn’t odd that she got curious looks from passersby, with some even taking out their phones to record her.

A lovely lady has taken the internet by storm with her peculiar habit of enthusiastically chewing toilet paper.

Kinah, the young woman, claimed she consumes toilet paper from the moment she wakes up, sometimes even before he washes her teeth.

Speaking to TLC’s My Strange Addiction was not afraid to say she ate toilet paper all day, every day, because it felt so good and “it hits the spot”.

“Toilet paper has zero calories and will not even give you a hangover,” she happily said.


Kinah added that she consumed up to four rolls of toilet paper daily, noting that not all were the same. “Some people might say that all toilet paper is the same, it’s all created equal, and it’s not. There is a difference between one-ply toilet paper and two-ply. One-ply is better because you don’t have to go through all the stress of trying to rip it apart,” she stated.

The American lady said many did not know the taste, the way it made one’s mouth feel like a “delicious cotton candy”. Financially, Kinah splashed Gh35,000 per year on toilet paper while average Ghanaians spent 5,000.

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