Wise men never allow their wives to know they are cheating – Rev Obofour [watch video].




During the white wedding ceremony of Kumasi based gospel musician, Brother Sammy’s manager, Romeo in Kumasi, Rev. Obofour gave a ‘wise’ counsel to the newly wedded man which attracted excitement and loud applause from the guest at the ceremony.


The benevolent man of God in his counsel and advise to the couple admonished the man especially to respect his wife so that God will bless him and stated that he is duty bound to stay with his wife and make her the queen of his life.

Having said that, Rev. Obofour asserted, wise men will never make their wife’s know they are cheating and that is the ways of most men who are wise, he cited examples and analogy to back his claims.


He further added that, any man who has a farm equally has a garden he resorts to when the need arises but when it happens he is going to the garden, he does not go in there with a boot, hence the reason for men to respect their home even when they are living a promiscuous life.

Watch video below:

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