Why man married his wife’s niece will shock you


A man and wife are on the verge of divorce after the man elevated his wife’s niece to the status of a rival.

What started 15 years ago as a blissful marriage has ended woefully over childbirth, leaving Paul Dossu, the husband with no option than to remarry.

However, his wife, Eno Gyamfua’s decision to bless her husband’s new wife has turned into her nightmare as Mr Dossu settled on none other than her brother’s daughter.

The reason being that madam Gyamfua, who is eight years older than 50-year-old Mr Dossu, never bore a child for him, despite having three children of her own.

Again, he said he needs a young blood to satisfy his sexual feelings, this same feelings that forced him into having sexual relations with his wife’s younger sister.


But, Mr Dossu, who claims he needs a lineage, said he could no tolerate it since his wife has entered menopause.

After several attempts to change Mr Dossu’s mind, he still proceeded with the marriage which has produced a bouncing baby boy.

Mr Dossu and his new wife have unleashed maltreatment on the senior wife to the extent of rendering her homeless.

The aggrieved woman, seeking assistance from Nhyira FM‘s Obra, is demanding her share of the multiple property they acquired prior to and during their marriage.

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