We will protect 2020 ballots even if it will cost our lives – NDC’s Gbevlo Lartey [watch video].




Lt Col (Rtd) Gbevlo Lartey, the Director of Campaign Operations for the National Democratic Congress has said the party will not let its guard down in this year’s election.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the elections, Gbevlo Lartey said the party will be vigilant to avert any action of vote-rigging at the polling stations.

He said the party will use every legal means possible to ensure that it is not cheated in the elections.

He revealed that the party has trained its polling agents to get abreast with the electoral processes and charged them to be vigilant.


“The NDC is going to be very vigilant in this election. We are not going to allow anything that is untoward. We are not going to allow anything that is unlawful and we will use all lawful means to resist whatever is unlawful or that seeks to steal the elections.

I’m calling on all our polling agents to be very vigilant and ensure that this election is not stolen. Whoever wins this election has won but the will of the people must prevail.

“Every NDC agent must endeavour to capture on video the counting and declaration of result and keep a snapshot of the original pink sheet that has been signed by all party agents and EC officials present at every polling station at the close of poll.”

The former National Security Coordinator vowed that the NDC will do everything to protect the ballot even at the cost of their lives.

He said the party is only interested in a credible election and will sacrifice everything to ensure that they achieve that.

“We are only interested in a credible election. We muster courage and strength to protect the ballot. It is the responsibility of all of us as Ghanaians to protect the ballots. Our commitment in the NDC is to defend the 1992 Constitution and all its provisions on elections even at the peril of our lives. It is a responsibility for all of us.

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