We Sleep with Over 3 Men A Day to Make Money to Buy Wig, Fuel etc – Radio Presenter Nana Adwoa Anna (Video).




Female radio presenters have revealed terrible stories of how they sleep with men for money to survive in this hot country.

Nana Adwoa Annan during an appearance on Neat FM bared it all about how ladies like themselves have to date up to 7 men at a time.

They also sometimes manage to sleep with 3 men in one day – all in the quest of making money for survival.

Nana Adwoa was speaking with Ola Michael on Neat when she made those comments.

According to her, the sytem is too hot and ladies are making too little money.


Their salaries and allowance is just not enough to take care of themselves.

They have to buy wigs, dress nicely for their jobs, put fuel in their cars and put food on their tables.

On top of that, sometimes they have to find money for their parents or sick family members – there is always something coming up.

She lamented that men take advantage of that to use them extremely badly before giving them any coins.

She said back then ladies were proud to date one man but these days if you want to survive, you have to sleep around.

Nana Adwoa tried to make her comments general to ladies but you could easily tell she is speaking from experience.

Listen to her below…

She had two other presenters aka slay queens in the studio to echo her points.

All they were talking about was an echo of Moesha Boduong said on CNN all those years ago.

For some reason slay queens think they have to live a life beyond their means, then when they can’t afford it they justify it by saying they have to sleep with multiple men.

No one has to sleep with multiple men if they don’t want to! And if you can’t afford to buy fuel then why own a car?

You have the right to continue your shameless lifestyle but you have no right to blame anyone else for it.

That is your own choice! The price you have to pay to live a glamorous life.

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