Watch rare throwback video of pale looking Kwame A-Plus performing one of his hit songs.




The controversial musician turned politician Kwame A-Plus is currently dominating the news over his recent streak of acting like a bully.

Ghanaians have called him out together with his friends Bullgod and Mr. Logic for clearly mauling Feli Nuna, who had availed herself for an interview.

The aftermath of the criticisms is turning ugly as Kwame A-Plus has chosen vawulence in response to one of his critics.

Ignoring every other critic, Kwame A-Plus has decided to take on Fuse ODG as an easier target to channel his clap backs.


Kwame A-Plus, made some revelations about how he has snitched on Fuse ODG over actions he claims to make the artiste irresponsible.

A section of his critics cautioned him to tread carefully because Fuse ODG only offered him advice.

His refusal to withdraw makes him appear unrepentant and resolute about his harsh treatment of Feli Nuna.

In a related development, an old video of the ex-musician turned politician has been making the rounds on social media.

Younger netizens who have never heard of Kwame A-Plus as a musician expressed surprise after viewing the video.

Those who knew and had seen his work in the past have also expressed surprise.

Their shock was centered on their unawareness that he owned the song in the video.

Watch the throwback video below.

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