Vote CPP on election day — Greenstreet


The Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Mr Ivor Greenstreet, has called on the electorate to send a strong signal to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the December 7 general elections by choosing the CPP.

He said the election presented a fine opportunity for Ghanaians to deliver a powerful electoral message of shock to the two parties that the people were not impressed with the constant comparisons of their records of failure.

Mr Greenstreet, who made the call at a press conference held by the party in Accra yesterday, said it was the voting public that made the political parties win power and so it was time power was given to the CPP to govern better.

Electric shock

The press conference was dubbed : “Electric shock; time to give the NPP and the NDC an electric shock, “

“It is important that each one of us, as voting public, acknowledges that it is you that make the parties win, so take back your power and give yourself hope,” Mr Greenstreet said.

He added that a lot of the people had lost hope in the country but continued to commit same error of voting for the NDC or the NPP “and we say that a vote for the CPP is a wasted vote.”


He asserted that it was rather a vote for the NDC or the NPP which could be described as wasted.

True change

Mr Greenstreet, therefore, urged the electorate to vote for “true change “.

“That should be the essence of this year’s elections, a vote for the NDC and NPP is not change,” he stated.

He stated that repeating the same pattern since 1992 had never been the real change the people yearned for.

“You must give yourselves hope because a lot of the people have lost hope and do not know whether the country would make progress or not and I think that it is for you and I to make that decision come December 7, 2020 to ensure that this country really sees change,” Mr Greenstreet stressed.

Mass failure

A member of the CPP Campaign Team, Mr Kosi Dedey, listed a number of factors which he described as the end result of almost 40 years of neo-liberalism under the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC), the NDC and the NPP and urged Ghanaians to show the NDC and the NPP exit.

These factors, he said, included socio-economic instability, socio-economic exclusion, mass unemployment and underemployment, the depreciation of the cedi and the depletion of the country’s forest cover.


Mr Dedey said the CPP’s manifesto provided the solutions to the problems of the country.

He said the CPP would take a look at the constitutional review process and freeze all article 71 ex gratia payments pending review.

“We will immediately implement the Right to Information Act, freeze the sale of all government property to civil and public servants and political appointees, review such past sales and reclaim such state properties, especially land,” he added.

He said the party would also extend health insurance to all Ghanaians, evaluate and review all oil and other mining contracts as well as introduce an enhanced free education from pre school to tertiary level including adult education and a mass literacy programme.

In a brief remark, the National Chairman of the CPP, Madam Akosua Frimpomaa Sarpong, said the CPP would spring a surprise in the upcoming elections considering the feedback the party got from the people after a nationwide tour.

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