Tracey Boakye’s Ex-Friend Exposes Her.




Controversial kumawood Actress, Entrepreneur and movie producer, Tracey Boakye in trouble again as her friend exposed her of snatching her footballer boyfriend from her.


Aside her being an Actress and movie producer, Tracey Boakye is also know for being the actress who fight over men on social media, insulting elderly persons and also snatching people’s men from them with her huge melons to make properties out of them.

Tracey Boakye for sometime know have been on the news following a feud between herself and songstress Mzbel over a certain man whom Mzbel claim Tracey snatched from her.

However in a new video sighted, the boyfriend snatcher has been exposed again for doing her usual(snatching boyfriends). According to Kumawood Actress well known as Abby Montana in an interview, she revealed how her then friend Tracey Boakye snatched her footballer boyfriend from her in just a short period of time.


Abby Montana revealed that, she was going out with one footballer who mostly plays his football outside Ghana but during his stay in Ghana, Tracey Boakye and her friend, Keni Gloria happens to meet her boyfriend at a club.

However, she had to leave for Accra while her boyfriend who is a footballer was in Kumasi. One afternoon while in Accra shooting a movie with Van Vicker and co, she had a call from Keni Gloria Asking where she was but decided to lie to her that she was with her footballer boyfriend at the airport, he was traveling.

According the Abby, Keni ended the call and afterwards she had a message from Keni on WhatsApp and it was a photo. When she downloaded the photo, she saw Tracey Boakye with her footballer boyfriend in his bathroom while Tracey was standing behind her man.

He tried reaching his boyfriend severally but he didn’t pick up her calls and he called a close friend of her footballer boyfriend. Unknowingly to her, the same Keni Gloria Who sent the photo to her was busy giving her boyfriend information about her whenever she made a call with her just to spoil her to her boyfriend because, what she told his boyfriend she was going to do in Accra was not what she told Keni Gloria she was doing since she didn’t want her to know the exact thing she was doing out there. So it sound as if she lied to his boyfriend.

But when asked why Keni sent the photo to her and at the same time giving information to her boyfriend? She stated that, she believe Keni Gloria and Tracey Boakye planed what they did just to snatch her footballer boyfriend from her.

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