Three cars spotted with the same number plates.




Ghana’s number plate system has been in existence for many years. The number plates regime exist to ensure every vehicle in the country acquires a unique number for easy identification.

The plates are registered from any region the owner of the vehicle wishes.

However, the vehicle can be used in any part of the country. The names of the regions begins the plate with a four digit number and the year the vehicle was registered.

But it is strange to come across two cars with the same number plate. Apart from some government official vehicles, every car in the country is supposed to have alone number plate. But there is currently a strange Spectacle that has gotten many wondering.


Three different private vehicles have been spotted with one number plate. In a picture spotted, two of the cars are Toyota brands with the remaining one being Hyundai. All the three bears the number plate, GE-3425-17.

The regions where these vehicles were spotted are currently unknown. It is also unknown if the Driver Vehicle and License Authority (DVLA) issued all the three number plates due to system errors but two of the vehicles might have acquired the number plate illegally.

The situation could also be that the original registration number of the above plate is not part of the images displayed above. The law enforcing agencies must be on the lookout for these plates to clear the system of fraud. Similar situations might be in other parts of the country.

Some of these vehicles might not have passed through the system of the DVLA. It may have been registered through illegal means. Such vehicles that are not recognized by the system can easily be used to perpetrate fraud and other illegal acts.

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