Those who tell me I sing better than Keche Joshua are treacherous people


A prolific member of ‘No dulling’ hitmaker music group, Andrew Kofi Cudjoe famously known as Keche Andrew has told Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM monitored by that most people tell him he’s better than his colleague, Joshua so he should quit the group Keche and chart a solo music path.

According to him, such people say these things out of treachery and to play tricks.

“All the things that normally separate music groups we are told are women, money and this person is better than the other group member. As for Keche we are always told these things but we continue to do the right thing for the group,” he remarked.

“Some people do tell me that Andrew you’re the one that writes all the good songs for Keche music group so you can do better if you are alone. But when they tell me I don’t utter a word and after they leave I do call Joshua to tell him this person said I’m better than you so I should quit the group,” he added.

Speaking on what has kept the music group solidly grounded since it was established in 2004 despite other groups breaking away, Keche Andrew said that they don’t listen to divisive minded people and are bent not to allow money or women to derail their focus as a group.

He said “So I do advise him to be very careful of such treacherous people and do stay away from them. We’ve faced all these things before and then it’s very difficult to build a strong group or music label like Keche that Africa and the world has accepted us.”

“You don’t even know the hustle we went through to put the group Keche together to last all these years to be where we are right now. So a woman or money or whatever can never can put us asunder and we’re matured off course,” he continued. 


Keche Andrew who is married to their record label boss, Joana Gyan making a submission on the Kastle Entertainment Show said that they do have misunderstandings as a music group but they always allow professionalism to precede their personal sentiments.

“We do fight, we do quarrel and we do have our differences but then we handle it as men. Sometimes we might not be talking but we do mount the stage together to play shows and within three days we will be talking again,” he told the host.

“Even if we’re not talking we do work as professionals because that’s what do put food on the table for us,” he concluded.

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