This will surely make your day! I would have had two children by now if I were in bed with govt – Jean Mensah [audio].










The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs Jean Mensa, has rejected accusations that the Commission is in bed with the government.


She said the Commission has been transparent in the processes leading to the elections.

“If I were in bed with government, I am sure I would have had two children by now because it’s been two years. But I think transparency is key and that is why we try our best to open up everything and therefore even if the President was your father or your uncle, there is absolutely nothing you can do,” she told the media at a press conference.

She insisted that with the measures put in place, the Commission cannot rig the elections for any candidate.

The EC boss has come under attack from the main opposition and civil society that described her output at the electoral management body as “incompetent.”

But she noted that because of the checks and systems at the commission “it is practically impossible to interfere with the process for the purpose of securing the desired outcome.”









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