The craziest thing Lady Gaga did on stage.




Lady Gaga lost all modesty and now turned the stage of her concerts into dressing rooms

“delighting” her fans with nudity in the middle of the show. Gaga declares that she “isn’t afraid to get a little ‘dirty,’ and she proceeds to rip off her wig

attentive. There is no doubt that Lady Gaga continues to make scandals in each of her shows. On this occasion it seems that the famous singer totally lost control as she has shown by completely undressing in the presentation of her show WartRave in New York.


On this occasion, she did not hesitate to perform a racy number before some very grateful fans to see how dedicated Lady Gaga was at the concert.

And it is that the Mother Monster received all kinds of gifts as soon as she got on stage: from underwear, stuffed animals and even bouquets of flowers.

On the other hand, having undressed her was not trivial since she did it to be able to change clothes in view of her fanatical fans.

On this occasion, the followers of Lady Gaga or little monsters, as they call themselves, were able to see the exuberant figure that the singer hides in each of her costumes.

In this way the artist wanted to give a more personal and intimate touch to the concert. Other people affirm that Lady Gaga simply wanted to give the event a spicy and fun touch since she was totally focused on putting on a good show. And it is that her followers did not hesitate to encourage Lady gaga for having given them these views.

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