TB Joshua allegedly disvirgined a lot of virgins in his church – Former assistant reveals (Video).




• Evangelist Bisola Johnson has alleged the late TB Joshua was sleeping with a lot of young girls in his church

• She said, she used to be a sex slave of the prophet

• TB Joshua died on June 5 after a church service

Evangelist Bisola Hephzi-Bah Johnson, a former assistant of the late popular Nigerian preacher, Temitope Balogun (TB) Joshua, has revealed that most virgins who attended The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) were disvirgined by the Prophet.
According to her, she was also “a sex slave of TB Joshua”.


She explained that these young virgins were not able to report the preacher to the authorities because as a rich preacher, he was celebrated in Nigerian society.

She added that the girls who suffered abuse from TB Joshua were afraid to come out to speak because of the fear of losing their lives.

“I have been talking about TB Joshua since 2008, but he used all the power and whatever he had to suppress my voice; that even talking to you today is by the grace of the almighty God, I would have been dead. He has tried many times to take me out,” Evangelist Bisola Johnson told US-based Sinai Mountain Radio on Thursday, June 24.

The author of ‘The TB Joshua I know; deception of the age unmasked’ added that she started talking about Prophet TB Joshua because she does not want her past to become the future of the gullible, the vulnerable and the naïve.

Talking about her experience at the SCOAN, Bisola Johnson noted that she stayed with the church for fourteen years and because the late Prophet was a slave owner, he was reluctant in releasing his slaves.

She said, her experience at the SCOAN made her not want to follow Christianity again because the TB Joshua that people revered as a man of God was not a man of God at all.

“I almost did not want to follow Christianity or Jesus Christ, until I experienced him personally because I believe that, if God of the bible is what TB Joshua practices, then, I don’t want to have anything to do with that God.

“The TB Joshua you know is a double-faced monster, he comes before you as very quiet but he was a swamp because he had terrible things behind his quiet face,” she stated.

Evangelist Bisola Johnson believes the Synagogue Church of All Nations “will not stand the test of time” after the demise of its founder and leader, TB Joshua.

She explained, “the covenant that had gone in the Synagogue is only meant for TB Joshua”.

“An organization like the Synagogue should have representation in every country or even across Nigeria but he failed to do that. We that had been the disciples of the Synagogue knew that TB Joshua anointed 24 people as his Lieutenant and as his Junior Prophets which he has changed to be his wise men,” she added.

“As at the time TB Joshua expired, only two, Raphel and Chris were with him, all others either died or deserted him. Those people who threaded his part, the organization called Synagogue denounced and denied them. TB Joshua doesn’t want any of his pastors to go ahead of him; it’s all centred around him.”

Bisola Johnson stated that TB Joshua’s woes started when his daughter got married.

“The covenant with TB Joshua forbids marriage, that’s why in the Synagogue none of his followers or disciples got married. People stayed with him twenty to twenty-five years, no marriage. When his daughter got married last December, TB Joshua began to be sick; it was at that time they began to shut the Synagogue. At that time, his wife Evelyn insisted that the daughter must get married and he died vomiting blood,” she told Ekow Shalders on Saini Mountain Radio.

Prophet TB Joshua died on Saturday, June 5 shortly after concluding a programme at his church. He was 57-years-old.

Watch Bisola’s interview below.

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