Supreme Court Rules: ‘Taricone loses Trasacco Valley’.




The Management of Top Kings Limited is gearing up in full force to execute a Supreme Court(S/C) judgment they won against Trassacco Valley(a.k.a Empire Builders) a couple of months ago as the rightful owners of the parcel of land on which Trassacco Valley is situated.

After a long battle in court spanning over two decades to determine the rightful owner of the land on which the Trassacco Valley Estate is situated, the Supreme Court finally brought the litigation to an end a couple of months ago by pronouncing judgment on the matter in favor of Top Kings Limited.

The disputed had travelled through the various courts at all levels namely the High Court, Court of Appeal and finally the Supreme Court where all three rulings or judgments at all stages had always been in favor of Top Kings Limited.

The Court noted that when the plaintiff/appellant(Empire Builders) in this case Mr. Ernesto Taricone later realized that the land he had occupied belonged to Nungua Stool and not Teshie Stool, he approached the Nungua Stool to sign a Memorandum Of Understanding(MOU) to regularize his occupation of the land but the Stool rejected his MOU because it had already leased it to the 1st Defendant herein as Top Kings Limited owned by Mr. Kingsley Owusu Achau.


Based on the discoveries made by the High Court and the Appeals Court as indicated above, the five member panel of Judges at the Supreme Court presided over by JSC Baffoe Bonnie were therefore not hesitant to dismiss the appellants case and affirm the Appeals Court judgment.

“In the circumstances, we find that there is no sufficient basis in law for any appellate interference with the findings of fact made by the Trial Court as affirmed by the Court of Appeal and consequently no reason to disturb the order giving effect to those findings and conclusions made by the judgment of Court of Appeal. Save the variation made with respect to the order of the Court of Appeal which reduced the term of the Palintiff’s lease, we affirm the said judgment and hereby dismiss the appeal,” the Supreme Court ruled.

It appears that negotiations for settlement may have stalled or failed and hence the caution or notification for forceful execution of the judgment on all residents
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