Shocking as man caught red-handed attempting to poison friend in an eatery in broad daylight – VIDEO.




In Ghanaian parlance, it is often said that every new day heralds its own unique stories, some bizarre, others not so much.

In this editorial, we share a sad story of a young man who plots to carry out an atrocious evil against his friend in broad daylight.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the perpetrator was seen sitting on the floor and expressing regret.

Friends and bystanders watched in shock as the man begged forgiveness.


According to the story’s details, the man waited for his friend to excuse himself briefly to use the restroom.

When his friend left the table, the man poured something into his friend’s drink and sat back as if everything was fine.

Unfortunately, someone had seen him while he poisoned the drink but kept quiet as he observed what could happen next.

When the friend returned, the alarm was sounded in order to prevent the victim from drinking the poisoned beverage.

An angry mob soon gathered and asked the culprit to gulp the poisoned drink.

Check out the video below;

It is unclear what may have prompted the culprit to consider such evil against his friend.

However, nothing could ever justify injustice against anyone.

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