Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy swapped destinies when they made peace- Blogger


Clement Asamoah Yeboah(L) Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy(M) Rashad Kojo Emmanuel(R)
Clement Asamoah Yeboah(L) Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy(M) Rashad Kojo Emmanuel(R)

In the opinion of one of the top bloggers in Ghana, Clement Asamoah Yeboah, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy swapped destinies when they made peace.

Commenting under a post Asare Bediako Wilberson made on Facebook about Stonebwoy, blogger Clement Asamoah said that the very writings of the artiste[Stonebwoy] are not normal.

See the post of Stonebwoy, Asare Bediako Wilberson shared on his wall on Facebook that garnered the reaction from the latter;


As stated by him[Clement] lately the conduct and lifestyle of 1GAD have totally changed expressing the belief that it might have been as a result of the hug Shatta Wale gave Stonebwoy when they smoked the peace pipe some months ago.

Rashad, the senior Editor of Ghpage agreed with the comment from Clement Asamoah Yeboah and took time to explain.

According to Rashad, soo much has changed not just in career-wise but also in their lifestyle ever since they made peace that calls for attention.


Stating his points, Rashad said: “Shatta Wale’s dressing has changed and he dressed more decently now but previously it was Stonebwoy who was like that. Now he looks like he doesn’t care”.

“Shatta Was loud and Stonebwoy was quiet and thoughtful, that assertion has changed. Shatta loved beef and fight, now Stonebwoy is always beefing”.

“Let’s talk Of the aggressiveness. Stonebwoy is aggressive now and Shatta is quite. Stonebwoy is arrogant now and Shatta appears to be more friendly”.

Again, Rashad, an award-wining blogger mentioned that when it comes to matters of spirituality, anything is very possible. Thus he attributed Stone’s change to the spiritual.

Therefore there is the high possibility that Stonebwoy swapped destiny with Shatta Wale when they made peace.

Before 2019 VGMA’s, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale were not on good terms. There was no peace that existed between them.

During those times the two threw jabs at each other. In fact, the dancehall tension was strong between them and none was ready to let go of the ‘supremacy’ each claim.

This whole time Shatta Wale was the most aggressive, loudest and dirtiest in Ghana. Everyone sided with Stonebowy tagging him as the good one here.

A year after smoking the peace pipe, the tables have turned. It’s evident now that Stonebwoy has become wilder and ‘violent’.

There have been so many instances we all can relate to that Stonebwoy has been the bad one. With all these said there’s no doubt that Rashad’s and Clement’s assertion could be true.

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