Selly Galley Trashes Yvonne Nelson’s Shallow Marriage Take in Epic Online Battle.




Actresses Selly Galley and Yvonne Nelson went to war on social media over the meaning and importance of marriage after a weak claim by Yvonne.

Yvonne Nelson claimed no one marries for love anymore these days, Selly hit back and said she shouldn’t generalise things she does not know about.

Galley went ahead to post a lengthy explanation of marriage completely rubbishing Yvonne’s point.

Lest we forget, Galley is married and has been married for quite a while.


Yvonne might be married, no one knows, but more likely is in some sort of relationship.

Nelson claimed on social media that marriage these days has been reduced to hidden agendas.

“In marriage, everyone has an agenda. Society told us otherwise, our parents told us otherwise. Our church told us otherwise,” she said.

“Some marry for the money, others for a passport, others for kids, others because of a banging body etc.

“Do peeps still marry because they love each other or because one is intelligent? Or does everyone now have an agenda? Miss Nelson wondered.

Selly came in with a detailed answer to rubbish all her claims.

Check out her response to Yvonne below…



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