Scamming Should Be Legalized In Ghana – Kwaw Kesse Reacts To Alleged COVID-19 Test Fraud At Kotoka Airport.




The king of the street Kwaw Kese has suggested that scamming or fraud should be legalized in Ghana if the leaders are secretly engaging in the act.

Kwaw Kesse spoke on twitter saying the recent expose and revelations of the Sputnik vaccine scandal as well as the amount made from COVID-19 test at the airport has opened his eyes.

He accused the government of involving in high scale scamming for planning to buy vaccines that cost $10 at $26 through middlemen but arresting innocent youth who are struggling to make a living because of unemployment.

Kwaw Kesse quizzed what the over estimated $16 will be used for and whose pocket that money will be paid into.


“I think Ghana government should legalize scamming . A whole government scamming its citizens, how !!! Sputnik vaccines cost 10$ and government is charging 26$ per vaccine . @NAkufoAddo how come Mr President ??? Who gets the 16$ ?”, he tweeted.

His fans supported the call and also suggested government officials leading this alleged scam be brought to face the law.


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