Roma football star, Stephan El Shaarawy under investigation for ‘beating up’ thief stealing his car.




Roma winger, Stephan El Shaarawy is being investigated by police after brawling with a thief who was attempting to steal his car.


According to Italian Newspaper, Corriere della Sera claims El Shaarawy, 28, inflicted serious injuries on Jose Carlos Aliaga Sagardia, who was trying to make away with his Lamborghini.



The report adds Sagardia, a 30-year-old Chilean, has received a sentence of one year and six months on charges of attempted theft.


The incident is believed to have occurred as El Shaarawy confronted Sagardia while visiting his former Italy teammate Alessio Cerci on 12 February.


El Shaarawy allegedly spotted the thief breaking his car’s window while playing video games with Cerci, before rushing out of the door to chase him.


Corriere della Sera says the former AC Milan star pinned Sagardia to the ground, with the defendant’s lawyer, Veronica Paturzo, later claiming he was beaten by the player.


Sagardia was diagnosed with a blunt and excoriative polytrauma as well as other abrasions while in police custody, according to the Milan-based outlet.


The report adds he was treated in Rome’s Sant’Eugenio Hospital and later filed a complaint for injuries against El Shaarawy, who has been indicted by prosecutor Carlo Villani.


El Shaarawy’s lawyer said he expects to face interrogators this month in a statement shared by Football Italia.


“The accused is a person who was stealing his car, he can say anything, but everything must be ascertained,” said El Shaarawy.

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