PZ Cussons launches social impact campaign on childhood cancer – MyJoyOnline.com


PZ Cussons Ghana, a subsidiary of PZ Cussons PLB, a leading manufacturer and distributor of a variety of products has launched a social impact campaign on childhood cancer at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

Dubbed ‘Camel: Because We Care Campaign, the focus of the Social Impact Campaign is on childhood cancer.

In Ghana, a total of 1200 cases of childhood cancer are estimated each year but only 300-400 cases are diagnosed, mainly due to financial challenges and lack of knowledge of the early warning signs.

However, if detected early, childhood cancer can be cured. For that matter, in line with the core essence of the brand “Say Yes to Life”, PZ Cussons’s Camel has taken up the challenge to advocate for children with this condition.

The campaign aims to raise and provide funds for the Korle Bu Peadiatric Onchology Unit in support of diagnosis, treatment and an upgrade of the Unit’s facilities.  

Over the years, PZ Cussons Ghana has undertaken various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives which have brought relief to its beneficiaries.


In this regard, PZ Cussons decided this year to extend the scale of their CSR activities with support from the Ghana Medical Association.

As a result, Camel Antiseptic, having been recognized during Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana (CIMG) awards in Accra recently, was chosen to champion the campaign.

The ‘Camel Because We Care Campaign’ runs from now till the end of January 2021. During this period, PZ Cussons will donate 20 pesewas to the Unit for every bottle of Camel Antiseptic bought.

In his address at the launch event, the Managing Director of PZ Cussons Ghana and East Africa stated; “Anytime you purchase a Camel Antiseptic Liquid, think about what your 20 pesewas can do for a child living with cancer… Because we care, your 20 pesewas matters”.

The total campaign investment for this first wave is estimated at GHS 700,000 of which GHS250,000 will be given over to Korle-Bu to provide free diagnoses for 100 patients, free treatment for 10 patients and a facelift of the current ward.

Paediatric Oncology is not covered under the National Health Insurance Scheme and the estimated cost of diagnosis is close to GHS 5000 in some cases. Treatment and care range between GHS 10,000 – GHS 30,000.

The rest of the resources will go into creating ample awareness, particularly of the early warning signs.