Post election demonstration: Shut up – Joseph Yamin tells Peace Council.


Member of the National communications team of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joseph Yamin, has taken a swipe at the National Peace Council over what he termed as ‘unnecessary’ advise by the council post election.

The National Peace Council has called on the NDC to use the court to resolve their grievances either than resorting to the street.

In response, Mr Yamin stated, “I have heard and been reading on several media portals concerns of some men of God as their church members may want to call them advising the NDC to go to court and stop the mass protest or demonstration across the country. My simple question anytime I read their pieces is what are they afraid of. The peace of the country that’s been threatened or the collection they will lose as a result of instability in the country.”

“They find their voices if it will directly affect them financially. Never heard these men speak during the elections and the declaration. What were they expecting when a clear violation of the laws governing elections in this country has made someone president over the choice of the masses,” he queried.

He explained that election rigging is a process and it starts from the registration to declaration, however, none spoke during the period – ‘so why are they speaking now.’

“When everything was clear by the actions of the electoral commission and the sitting president and the NPP to want to force on the people of this country an incompetent man and party you were quite. Stay and remain quite like you’ve been all this while and let us all suffer the consequences of a fraud election,” he added.


“Do these so call men of God really read the bible and understand what it’s said in there, I doubt because in Ezekiel 3 the Lord our God told us he has made them watchmen over his people to direct us when we are wrong and to warn as against future when we are going wrong. Did they see the actions of the Electoral Commission gradually leading us into the hole and never spoke as they are speaking today or they were all party of the grand agenda to make Nana Addo rule again. An akan proverb says the elder who supervises the eating of a python by the kids is equally counted as also having eaten same, so therefore these men simply fall within the Akan proverb.”

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