Photos: Boy,9, ties the knot with a 62-year-old woman


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Wonders they say would never end as another bizzare event has been uncovered in South Africa after a Nine(9) years old boy married a 62years old woman.

According to sources from the country, the boy who has been identified as Saneie Masilela agreed to walk down the aisle with his now wife who has also been identified as Helen Shabangu because he loved her dearly.

It continued that Saneie explained that age is just a number when it comes to matters of the heart and he was not ready to let go off the 62-year old.

“I’m very happy I’ve got married to Helen but I will still take my education seriously and also I chose her because I love her,” he said.

Reports also said the young groom made his intention known to his mother who gave a 100% support. The wedding was a spectacle and many trooped the venue to see the wonders 21st century had to offer.


See a photo of them below:

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