Patapaa speaks after rumours his wife is sleeping around German nightclubs after leaving him.




Ghanaian musician Patapaa Amisty has spoken up following rumours that his marriage has collapsed and his wife is back in Gemany as a groupie.

Patapaa says none of the rumours are true and that he’s still with his wife.

The One Corner hitmaker says Liha has gone back to Europe but not due to any divorce.

According to him, she’s a nurse and she has to report back to work.


Patapaa says whatever leave his wife got was up hence she had to go back to work to avoid losing her job.

He claims she’s working to make money in Germany whilst he works to make money here in Ghana for them to enjoy.

“You know that my wife is a white woman from Europe but not permanently based in Ghana and besides, she’s a nurse. 

“So she has gone back to make more money abroad and I’l also making money here in Ghana that’s why you’ve not been seeing her these days,” he said.

Patapaa added: “She a nurse abroad [and] you know that white people don’t joke with their work so she has gone back to Europe after we got married last year.” 

The singer added some words of praise for his wife to confirm they’re still in love.

“She’s a very intelligent, brilliant and hardworking woman that’s why I thank God always for giving me such an amazing wife,”

Recent reports allege that Patapaa’s marriage to his German wife has hit the rocks.

In a stunning update, an insider claimed in a viral video that Liha has left Patapaa back to Germany and she’s been spotted in every nightclub in the country where she spends every single night!

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