Ogidi Brown terminate contract with new signee, Cryme Officer – full gist.


The CEO of OGB Music, Ogidi Brown has released an official notice of termination to signify that Prince Isaac Arko known as Cryme Officer is no longer a member of OGB Music.

Ogidi Brown signed Cryme Officer a year ago unto his music label OGB Music after the exit of Fameye.

The signing was marked with a whole lot of controversies as schnapps and eggs were present to serve as witnesses during the signing of the contract.

Fast forward one year on, Ogidi Brown has terminated the contract of his artiste.

His reason being Cryme Officer breached the terms of conditions of his contract due to his actions pertaining to the viral video of Ogidi Brown and his former artiste Fameye.

Cryme Officer during that moment posted a video on his social media page addressing the issue between Ogidi Brown and his former artiste, Fameye.

According to him, Ogidi Brown failed to his advice concerning the issue between him and his former artiste.


This piece of advice from Cryme Officer to Ogidi Brown has resulted in the termination of contract.

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