Mzbel opens up on why she is no longer friends with Iona (VIDEO)


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Songstress and entrepreneur Mzbel has stated the reason why friends with sensation Iona whom she has on several occasion referred to as her daughter.

Iona days ago revealed that Mzbel has stopped talking to her and responding to her messages and she doesn’t understand why she is doing that.

According to Iona, she doesn’t suspect Mzbel has something against her but believes she is busy hence her inavailabilty to get into contact with her but she hopes when she is less busy she would get back in touch.

Mzbel has granted an interview on Accra based Kingdom+ Fm and has explained the reason why she has gone silent on Iona.

Speaking with Fiifi Pratt, she revealed that distancing herself from people is one thing she has been doing always even to her children.


She went on to state that she has no issues with Iona as some people are thinking its just that she wants to be alone hence her decision not to get close to Iona.

Watch the video below:

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We hope Mzbel is saying the truth about her friendship with Iona.

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