Learn to shut up, you are not the only NPP member – Kennedy Agyapong told.




Outspoken Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has been urged to tone down his defensive duties of everything the government and governing New Patriotic Party does.

According to social commentator and self-styled seer, Kofi Amoateng (Onegod), the MP’s penchant for speaking on every issue related to the NPP continues to open him up to unwarranted attacks from all circles including within the NPP.

“Kennedy Agyapong must focus on his political career and his family more and focus less on speaking on every issue that comes up. There are a lot of Ministers and MPs who are also benefitting from the government even more than himself.

“They should also come out and fight for the President. It doesn’t have to be him every day defending the government and insulting Ghanaian youth. If it happens that way, he gives himself up for the youth to abuse him. I personally get worried when it happens that way.”


Onegod who says he is rooting for Kennedy Agyapong to become President of Ghana one day, adds that the MP possess the quality of leadership needed to turn the fortunes of the country and must therefore consider elevating his ambitions.

“He is at liberty to talk about every issue but it is not prudent for him to talk on everything. If necessary, there are issues he can speak to the President privately about it. But don’t come out to be defending them like your life depends on it.

“They don’t even like you, Ghanaian politicians; both the NPP and the NDC, about 80% hate you so if I say don’t talk, I am not saying he must not talk at all. But he should not be defending everything like he is the only person in the party. People will be fed up with him that way,” he added.

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