Ladies mercilessly beaten by guys they took transportation money from and never showed up


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Two ladies have received the merciless beatings of their life after they took money from some guys and never showed up at their house as discussed.

From our gatherings about this humiliating incident, the yet to be identified ladies gave the guys one condition that will make them show up at their home.

That is to send them transportation fare to aid them to come on time and have time together.

But this was not the case as these ladies thinking they are so smart enough decided to shun the guys, failing to show up.

“We have taken the money but we are never going to show up.” The two ladies reportedly told the angry guys on phone.


Thinking that they had succeeded in swindling the guys, the ladies got the unexpected. The furious young men searched for them and finally caught them.

In anger, the guys descended heavily on the ladies as they receive pitiless slaps due to the fact that instead of turning up, these ladies rather used the money sent them to get some drinks.


The ladies had no other choice than to receive the slaps in good faith as punishment for breeching their part of the contract. lol

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