KNUST portal publishes a very rare photo of Sam George.




KNUST portal on social media which host Katanga Hall News have published a very rare photo of NDC Member Of Parliament Honorable Sam Dzata George.

The picture had the Ningo Prampram MP wearing a tattered and torn shorts. He wore a dark spectacles to match his outfit. Sam was seen holding an empty Milo tin as well.

Anybody who Knows Katanga Hall can surely deduce that he was ready for ” Charging”

Charging is the term used for a Campus procession whereby members of the Katanga Hall sing and chant to loud music. They also move around and share the Katanga Hall story with others.


After the picture was posted, many people reacted. Oh yes. As usual we had people commenting to thank God for bringing Honorable Sam Dzata George from such a humble beginning to a prestigious position.

Check out the full picture Below and appreciate it with your kind comments. How do you see it? Do you love it ?

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