Kevin Taylor goes hard on Shatta Wale over #FixTheCountry comment – (Video).




Ghanaian presenter in the U.S, Kelvin Taylor, has torn Shatta Wale to shreds for his recent idiotic posts on fix the country.

Kelvin Taylor turned his famous fiery tongue on Wale in the most recent episode of his show.

It was a complete beatdown!

Taylor pointed out the idiocy of Shatta Wale in attacking the youth who are crying for the country to be fixed.


According to him, Shatta Wale is a grown man and should stop being childish in his utterances.

Kelvin said ‘concert y3 wo d3 dodo’, mocking Shatta Wale for always trying to do the stupidest thing he can think of to trend.

This is not a time for concert and this is not a time for idiocy – this is a time for people to stand up and be counted.

We are dealing with issues of life and death!

According to Taylor, if Wale has nothing proper to say he should shut up but he should never try to quench the burning spirit of the youth to fight for their rights!

Taylor even praised Stonebwoy whilst slamming Shatta which shows how serious this is – Kelvin and Stonebwoy are not on the best of terms.

Stonebwoy released a very sensible statement on the fix the country issue whilst Shatta Wale’s response was childish and immature.

Wale has been condemned from all angles for his dumb comments and he truly deserves it.

We cannot have people dying out there trying to fight for a better country then a celebrity who is supposed to be a ‘role model’ comes out to call those fighting and dying as ‘fools’.

Checkout Kelvin Taylor’s attack on Shatta Wale below…


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