Kaaka’s family withdraws from Ejura Committee hearing.




The family of the slain Ibrahim Kaaka says it will not testify before the committee probing the killings in Ejura.

In a statement, the family said even though they are grateful for the establishment of the three-member committee, they do not believe the focus of the committee of will bring them the justice they require.

“In addition, having sought and obtained independent legal advice as to the work of the Committee, and our rights vis-à-vis the Committee, we have become apprehensive of the substantive and procedural regularity of the Committee’s work. We are also now concerned that the Committee’s work does not provide the appropriate framework for a full, faithful and impartial inquiry, as envisaged under Article 278 of the 1992 Constitution. In this connection, we note, in particular:

“(1) Our regret with the decision to not establish this inquiry using the powers provided for under Article 278 of the 1992 Constitution. We are concerned that the failure to institute a proper Commission of Inquiry under Article 278, means that this Committee of inquiry does not have the powers, rights and privileges of the High Court or a Justice of the High Court at a trial. As such, the Committee has no power to (a) enforce the attendance of witnesses and examine them on oath,” the statement said.


It added: “Watching the proceedings over the past few days, we have found the Committee’s inability to enforce the attendance of witnesses and examine them on oath as well as to compel any documents, to be very puzzling. We are also concerned that these restrictions put the Committee in a position where it can neither vet, validate nor substantiate any statements made before it; nor cross-examine the testimonies of the witnesses on the basis of facts independently procured”.

Meanwhile, the three-member Ministerial Committee probing the killings has asked for more time to complete the assignment.

The Committee chaired by a High Court judge Justice Koomson is asking for an extension of its 10-day mandate.

In a statement, the committee requested that their deadline is extended by six days to enable them to complete the work given them. It is hoping to complete its work by July 16,2021.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Chief Executive for Ejura in the Ashanti region Mohammed Salisu Bamba has denied reports that two out of the three individuals arrested in connection with the killing of Ibrahim Kaaka are his bodyguards.

When asked if the suspects were his bodyguards by the three-member committee probing the killings in Ejura, he retorted: “Not at all. They are our polling station executives. My house is such that anytime any political figure comes to the area, a lot of people come to the house and everybody knows that”.

The MCE who appeared before the Committee Thursday also confirmed that Kaaka is a known member of the ruling party who attends party meetings and events.

So far three people including the brother of the Kaaka have been picked up in connection with the murder.

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