Judicial Service media order justifiable, necessary -Sekondi MP defends, says some stories were ‘personalized’


Member of Parliament (MP) for Sekondi Egyapa Mercer has said that the order by the Judicial Service to media houses to delete publications that are incendiary, spiteful or vengeful of the courts is meant to prevent media houses from making their platforms avenues for offensive and inciteful against the persons of the judges, insisting that the order is not a gag order but useful in setting the limits for criticism of the Judiciary.

Speaking on Newsfile Saturday, February 27, 2021 monitored by MyNewsGh.com, Mr Egyapa Mercer stressed that the Judiciary has had to give the order so that a conversation on the inappropriate criticism of the Judiciary can be brought to light, especially with a history of how harm has been caused to judges in the recent past.

“…They are not complaining about criticism of the courts…But when your criticisms are directed at the person, when your criticisms are directed at inciting your supporters to attack the personnel of the Judicial Service then it is important that they bring it to the attention of all Ghanaians so that we can begin to have a conversation like we are having now on the clear limits that we need to impose  on ourselves when we are confronted with a situation that we find ourselves now,” he said.

The Judicial Service has ordered all media houses to pull down all publications that are incendiary, vengeful, inciteful or spiteful of the courts.

The move has been criticised by many on social media. But for Mr Egyapa Mercer, the order is needed to guide people on their utterances about the courts and judges.

Meanwhile Prof Henry Kwasi Prempeh on spoke on the programme criticised the order saying that it does not augur well for the Judiciary and sends a signal that it may be attempting to shield itself from criticism.

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