Jean Mensa – We’ve the right to publish voters’ register



The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission Jean Mensa has justified the commission’s decision to publish details of the voters’ register on its website.

According to the EC chair, the law allows the commission the room to share details of the register with Ghanaians as they deem fit.

“C.I. 127 requires that the provisional voter’s register is published on our website. That same law states that the final register is published in a manner that the Commission deems fit,” she noted at a press conference in Accra Tuesday.

It comes after the backlash the EC suffered following the publication of the register for the 2020 polls on its website. The register has since been taken off the website.

Some Ghanaians have expressed concerns over the publication of their details saying it reveals too much information about. The published register showcases ages of registrants among others.


Commenting on the development, IT expert Maximus Ametorgoh said even though the EC may not have breached any law, the details provided was more than necessary.

“For someone in the data space, I think there was too much data that other people outside the country can use against people. Maybe the EC thought digitizing it was the way to go and some of the data they revealed was by law and they can.

“But for me, you are giving too much information about people that other people can use. I as a tech person think it wasn’t right for the EC to share the data on that scale but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t legal”.

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