Investing in up and coming musician is risky – Kaywa


David Kojo Kyei, also known as Kaywa, a record producer, has offered his thoughts on investing in young talent in the music industry.

On June 5, the award-winning music producer introduced his four new signees (Cadeen, Joevibe, Shugalord, and JoyVerse) on his Instagram page after severing official connections with his former label partners.

Kaywa explained why his new signees lacked female energy by saying, “I’ve signed a lady before.” This is not a joke. It’s more labour and more money. You require more time. So, for the time being, we’d like to concentrate on the gentlemen.”

Appearing on 3FM Drive with Giovanni Caleb and AJ Sarpong on Tuesday, July 18, the CEO of Highly Spiritual Music Label indicated that before investing in new talents, there were criteria these personalities had to meet.

“Usually, we look at the passion behind what you do and whether you love it… At least they know where they are going so it’s easy to push them. We look out for that more. We look at people who understand and fear God because when you do, there are certain things you wouldn’t do,” he stated.

Kaywa also stated that obtaining finances was tough. “It isn’t easy. If I sit here and tell you it’s simple, I’m lying. We shoot incredibly expensive videos, and after you finish one, you need to start another. “I won’t tell you where my money comes from, but it comes from somewhere,” he joked.

Speaking to all investors, Kaywa stated that investing in his line was profitable, but it came with dangers, particularly when dealing with emerging talent. However, he believes it is worthwhile since some of these skills are too exceptional to be overlooked.


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