I’m no longer a member of the NPP- A-Plus explains why


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Kwame A-Plus has announced his exit from the New Patriotic Party in his latest interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM.

Kwame Asare Obeng otherwise known as A-Plus said that the ruling NPP party had disappointed the nation so much he had settled on the reality that both the NDC and the NPP had little to provide.

The controversial musician turned politician admitted that people mistook his confidence for arrogance.

According to him, our culture condones the flaws of the old and belittles the opinion of the young and this has translated into our politics.

He added that every citizen has the right to question the President and people in power because they are supposed to serve us.


Also, he opined that criticizing a ruling government does not make you disrespectful but a true citizen and not a mere onlooker.

To the surprise of the host, A-Plus said that he is no longer a member of the NPP because he realized they were no different from the NDC government he battered so much during their tenure.

Furthermore, Kwame A-Plus stated that he was now non-partisan and into a movement called the People’s Project.

The People’s Project is a non-partisan and non-violent Ghanaian third force social movement established to demand for social goals and constitutional reforms that serves the best interest of the good people of Ghana.

Meanwhile, the musician added that a new world was at hand- a world where the youth would arise and demand what is theirs.

He was confident that the NPP and the NDC were not going to rule Ghana forever and spoke of the change to come starting 2021.

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