I’ll transfer officials who breach billboard siting standards – Henry Quartey.




The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey has threatened to cause the transfer of officials of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Accra, who fail to comply with the standards in the siting of billboards.

According to the Minister, a lot of billboards have been haphazardly mounted at vantage points in the city, under the supervision of the various assemblies.

Speaking at a workshop on outdoor advertisement and standards, Henry Quartey assured of adequate sanctions for officers who fail to adhere to the lawful standards in advertising.

“I want to assure you that the regional coordinating council will be on the lookout for all signage or outdoor advertisements that are wrongly placed and do not meet the required standards. So, you have to ensure that the right thing is done, and let me say this, I will not hesitate to ensure recommendations are made for the immediate transfer of officers who do not comply with this. If you authorise or give permit for billboards to be erected at places where consultations have not been done for the necessary permits to be granted, it means that you cannot be there.”


The Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Roads and Highways, Collins Donkor also attributed the lack of adequate resources to its inability to partner with the relevant stakeholders in pulling down the unauthorized billboards on highways in the capital.

“It is costly removing giant billboards. First, you will need to hire cranes, get people who will come and cut it up, hang it, remove it and transport it somewhere else. These are heavy steel and heavy concrete, it is not that simple [to remove]. That is why I’m saying the national resources which are supposed to provide you with smooth, safe roads should not be used in demolitions. That is not our job.”

“Our real job is that we have provided you with safe roads. Let us use it well. Why do you use your telephone while driving and drive into the crash barrier? It is there to protect you in case of accidents. Accidents happen, but people need to stop being careless.”

Pull down unauthorised billboards – AAG

The Advertising Association of Ghana (AAG), in May 2021 issued a two-week ultimatum to owners of unauthorized billboards in Accra to remove them.

The Association said it will partner with the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council to rid the city of unlawful billboards and signage after the ultimatum elapses.

Addressing the media, the Executive Director of the Advertising Association of Ghana, Francis Dadzie, stated that some billboards have not been placed at appropriate locations, and in the case of those placed along roads, they could be harmful to the public.

“We are talking about billboards that have been placed on pedestrian walkways, that have been aesthetically affecting the positioning of spacing requirements, clutter at intersections and junctions. Look at the 37 Military hospital intersections. I have been in this for more than 20 years, and it’s getting worse by the day, but the laws are there, and it’s all because some of these young and new assemblies that were created do not know the laws.”

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