I’ll Live With My Mother Until I Get Married – Adina Thembi.




“Yes, I live with my mother. I’ll live with my mother till I get married,” these were the words spoken by Ghanaian singer Adina Thembi when she spoke to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM.


According to her, although she has what it takes to move out of the precincts of her mother, several other factors do motivate her to continue to live under the same roof with her (mother).

Adina said she is not moving out anytime soon especially when marriage is the only factor that will compel her to get separated from her mother.


The intriguing part of it is when ladies of her age are all moving out of the parent’s homes to go buy or rent a place in order to have their independence and kickstart their life alone.

Well, that cannot be said about Adina, who says her mother is a significant person in her life because she supports her in prayers, counselling and how to harness other culinary skills.

“I wanted to move out at some point but my mother didn’t subscribe to the idea. She said it’s not the best and I’m cool with it. To her, it doesn’t make sense that I live alone while she can give me support when we live together.”

“She supports me when I’m busy. She supports me in all ways. Sometimes, when I have crazy days at work, when I go home, she supports me with prayers and cooks for me.”

The ‘Why’ hitmaker, when asked whether she is dating or in any amorous relationship, declined to speak on it.

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