‘I’ll let you hang on my nipples if my breasts matters’ – Lydia Forson tells critics.


I’m sorry I thought it was our elected officials duty to provide proper drainage systems, waste disposal etc and punish offenders who didn’t use these provided avenues. I am sorry I didn’t know my attitude could conjure bins. Forgive me,” Lydia Forson said in reply to Nana Addo’s complaint.

The President of Ghana complained that the perennial flood in Accra is mostly caused by the attitude of Ghanaians who dump their trash into gutters during rains. Nana Addo said until Ghanaians change their attitude, he is not committed to fix the perennial floods.

However, her comments have attracted backlash from some NPP fanatics who have been attacking her on social media.

Another critic wrote “all these mad people wl be gvn media space to insult leaders of dignity and the youth wl b supporting them, we are sick as a country,” on a photo of the actress.

Lydia Forson shared a screenshot of the post and added her response. She wrote “so you people care more about my breast than your ailing economy.eii If my breast mattered I’d let you all hang on to my nipple when it floods so you don’t drown“.


Another tweep wrote “But for real the nakedness is too much… you may think it’s fashion but your breast is supposed to be seen by your husband and not the public…if you can’t dress decently don’t try solving economic issues decently thank you (no hard feelings)“.

But Lydia Forson got the best reply for him as she tweeted him back saying “the person sucking it every night isn’t complaining but you that you suck your thumb at night want to take panadol for my breast“. See her tweet below.

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