I would have legalized internet fraud if I were to be an African President-Ibrah One


Ibrah One

Ibrah One in a post on social media has disclosed what he would have done in his term of office if he were to be an African President.

According to the Young Ghanaian millionaire, Ibrahim Dauda, famed as Ibrah One, his number one priority will be for him to legalize internet fraud.

[Internet fraud  is the use of Internet services or software with Internet access to defraud victims or to otherwise take advantage of them]

This flagship policy by Ibra One in agreement with his statements is due to the fact he thinks white people are stupid and greedy and thus must be scammed.

His initiative, if he were an African President will seek to level the gap between those at the top and the ordinary citizen.

Again, the controversial toff pointed out that here in Ghana, there are some top politicians who are more fraudsters than the young guys who are into the internet fraud business.


Furthermore, Ibrahim Dauda revealed that he has dealt with almost all the big banks in Ghana.

Sharing this information to the public, Ibra One wrote; ”If I were to be an African president, I would have legalized international fraud, because white people are stupid and greedy.

Some top politicians are into fraud more than the young boys in Ghana. I have dealt with almost all the big banks in Ghana”.

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Ibrah post
Ibrah post

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