I am now a private citizen and cannot be controlled by anyone – Martin Amidu.




Former Special Prosecutor of Ghana, Martin Amidu has emphatically asserted that he is going to make shocking revelations to the entire world if some government officials and others against his resignation do not stop making false claims about him.

MP for Assin Central upon the resignation of Martin Amidu has claimed the former Special Prosecutor has a medical problem for which he sought treatment for in Germany and insists he should not have been appointed to his post because of that. He also accused Amidu of using an office pick-up for farming purposes.

Reacting to these claims, Amidu has cautioned that if the peddling of these falsehoods, do not cease, he will respond without fear and favour even if it will cost him his life which is already under threat because he is now out of any political control.

Speaking for the first time since his resignation, Martin Amidu said, “Nobody should push me. They should tell the people telling lies about me to stop before I respond and I will do that without fear or favour even if that means it has to be with my life. As a private citizen, no one can control me now and I’ll defend myself and the constitution of the country”.


According to him, he is back to his roots as a citizen vigilante and claims he is even aware of plans to torch his house. “I am aware and have received threats of robbery and I already know those persons involved. They said they will burn my house and I have all that intelligence”.

Martin Amidu indicated that after receiving these threats, he tried reaching the Minister in charge of National Security, Kan Dapaah but he will not pick up.

The lawyer noted that claims by the ruling party that he is on a witch hunt with the Minister of Finance as his target is false. “Ken Ofori-Attah, the Minister of Finance has been my friend for years. Why would I go after him?” he asked.

Describing these attacks as bad, Martin Amidu warned, “Let us stop this before we start washing our dirty linen in public”.

The Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu resigned from his job on the claims of political interference after serving almost three (3) out of his seven (7) year tenure.

Additionally, he said, his office was given inadequate staff who were mostly on secondment, a situation that made it nearly impossible for his outfit to effectively carry out its functions.

In a letter addressed to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Martin Amidu said his position had become ‘untenable’, especially with regard to the corruption risk assessment he conducted on the Gold Royalties Monetisation Transaction arrangement, popularly referred to as the Agyapa Deal.

He alleged that the reaction he got from the Presidency on the corruption risk assessment was the final push that led to his resignation.

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