Hawa Koomson will end up being one of the best ministers – Lawyer


Minister-designate for Fisheries and Aqua Culture, Mavis Hawa Koomson

A member of the New Patriotic Party and lawyer, Nana Yaw Osei, has said that despite Hawa Koomson’s poor showing during her vetting, she could end up as one of the best ministers for fisheries, stressing that though she couldn’t acquit herself well in the English language, she could still be a competent minister.

Ms Koomson has come under criticism for failing to impress during her vetting before the Appointments Committee of Parliament.

Many have argued that it is not that she did not only sound fluent but that she did not appear to know what was at stake at the Ministry she has been designated to head.

But for Mr Osei, the English language does not matter given that she won’t interact with fishermen in English, adding that competence is not measured by one’s ability to speak English.

“I have the feeling that Hon. Hawa Koomson may turn out to be one of the best ministers for fisheries. She isn’t going to speak the English Language with the Fishermen.

“What have those who allegedly speak the Queen’s Language very well been able to do at the Ministries they headed? Is the speaking of good English Language a good measure of one’s competence?” He wondered.


Mr Osei is of the opinion that her apparent lack of knowledge will be filled by technocrats who are already at the Ministry, insisting even some persons deemed to have been knowledgeable in their fields didn’t show it in their performance at their ministries.

“Those who will speak the good English Language are the technocrats, and they are already there in their numbers. As for her very low level of knowledge in the sector, it doesn’t matter at all. There have been Ministers of State who were touted as having the requisite educational qualification and experience yet…,” he argued.

Opinions continue to be divided over the suitability of Ms Koomson for the Ministry of Fisheries following her poor performance at her vetting in Parliament.


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