Girls Are Doing Ashawo, Boys Are Doing Fraud – Lydia Forson Lists How the Youth Are Surviving In Hot Ghana.




Actress Lydia Forson has hinted that many Ghanaian youth are forced to engage in either ashawo or fraud to survive in the hot environment of Akufo-Addo’s Ghana.

Lydia Forson has embarked on an epic rant this morning, taking aim at the hot conditions in the country.

According to her, conditions in the country are extremely unfavourable, especially to people who try to earn an honest living.

You cannot argue with any of that.


Lydia listed the many ways in which the Ghanaian system is broken in a series of tweets on her twitter timeline.

She started her tweetstorm wondering why almost everything in Ghana is priced in dollars.

“I need to understand what goes into pricing anything in this country and why MOST are priced jn dollars. Rent : DOLLARS Hotel : DOLLARS Enjoyment : DOLLARS. It’s almost as if Ghana is not for Ghanaians anymore. And to afford anything you must earn or be able to pay DOLLARS?!” she wrote.

“The politicians, law makers, and all the people in charge of changing this absurdity of paying for things in DOLLARS are the ones at the center of it. I know landlords in these positions who rent in dollars. Kwasias3m,”

Lydia went on to lament that things are too hard forcing majority of young people into illegal means of making money.

She said the girls are being pushed into prostitution whilst the boys are being pushed into fraud.

“Girls are doing ashawo Boys are doing fraud All to afford some small car and rent?! Da fuck???! What country is this that basic things have become a luxury? Shout out to everyone earning an honest living and still struggling to survive- Chale it’s not easy I feel you,”

Lydia ended by saying she does not judge anyone using these means to make money but it’s just sad that is the level Ghana has fallen to.

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