Ghana’s democracy too young for opposition Speaker to lead Parliament


Chief Executive Officer of Public Sector Reforms Kusi Boafo believes that Ghana is too young for the country’s opposition to be leading Parliament.

On January 7, Alban Sumana Bagbin was elected as the Speaker of the 8th Parliament to the shock of many Ghanaians who expected Prof. Mike Ocquaye to win.

But speaking on Kumasi-based Wontumi Radio, Kusi Boafo insist that he is still against the fact that Alban Bagbin is the Speaker of Parliament.

According to him, Ghana’s democracy is not old enough to accommodate the opposition controlling Parliament when another political party is in power.

“I wouldn’t have preferred Alban Bagbin as Speaker. We (NPP) are in power and in Parliament, an opposition controls it. We haven’t reached that level yet as a country. At a critical point in time, he (Bagbin) may not be a favorable person for the NPP government.“

Although he touted Alban Bagbin as a good man, he indicated that the difference in ideologies will come to play in the discharge of his duties which is not good for the NPP.

“He may be a good man and have linkages with NPP; but NPP is NPP and NDC is NDC… We don’t have fairness when it comes to political ideologies,” he said.


Source: 2021

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