Ghanaian politicians are the real fraud boys – Efia Odo.




Efia Odo, a media personality, has slammed the government for the recent floods that have decimated areas of the nation.

She sent a series of tweets on the devastation caused by recent storms.

“We will file a claim for damages today and then forget about it tomorrow. How far are Ghanaians ready to go to get the change they want? For once, let us come together and seek answers and solutions for Ghana’s future, or else “read one of her tweets.

She emphasized in another tweet that money was in the system, but it was being sucked off by the political elite.

“Money exists in the system, and it is distributed among politicians. They’re the true con artists! “she bemoaned


Y’all know that Accra has been devastated by catastrophic floods induced by overnight rainfall.

Parts of the city were flooded on Monday evening after just a few hours of rain, and footage of automobiles immersed in water, kiosks floating above flood waters, and flooded roadways quickly spread through social media platforms.

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