Ghana is in a state of lawlessness –  Haruna Iddrisu.




Minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu, has stated that the high rate of lawlessness in the country does not speak well of the eyes of the international world.

According to him, these acts of lawlessness are orchestrated by men and women in the military who are entrusted to protect the citizen.

Speaking on the floor of parliament on July 2, 2021, the minority leader said the killing in Ejura is not yet over and this shows that the military-civil relations are at their lowest end.

“Mr Speaker, to raise a matter of urgent public importance, there appears to be a worrying development in the country which bothers on the safety and security of Ghanaian citizens, largely led by men in uniform, the Ghana Armed Forces, we have not put Ejura behind us yet, we know that there were some excesses there that resulted in the loss of life, following the death of Ibrahim Kaaka and the only yesterday I watch some developments in Wa and there is an indication that Military-Civil relations are at its lowest end.


“…you could see men in the Army humiliating and beating Ghanaian civilians, the rights and freedoms of those Ghanaians are guaranteed under the 1992 constitution. Whatever grievance any member of the armed forces has, we are a country governed by law, they cannot continue to take the law into their hands, we will not accept a state of lawlessness in this country by led by men in uniform,” he added.


Meanwhile, some armed soldiers have been caught on camera brutalizing residents of Wa in the Upper West Region on Thursday, July 1, over a missing mobile phone supposedly belonging to one of the soldiers.

According to one eyewitness, one of the soldiers is believed to have boarded what is referred to as “Yellow Yellow” or “Mahama Cambo” and lost his phone.

The incident is said to have started at 1:00 pm and lasted for close to an hour at the Wa main traffic.

Several of the victims are said to have sustained various degrees of injury.

Two of them are currently on admission at the Wa Municipal Hospital.

A 29-year-old vulcanizer, who was a victim, is suspected to have developed a fracture in his right thigh during the assault.

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