Home Entertainment Foreigners get pregnant after visiting Ghana – Wode Maya expresses shock.

Foreigners get pregnant after visiting Ghana – Wode Maya expresses shock.



Friends disclose what happened to them on their visit to Ghana

Social media expresses interest in foreign women getting pregnant

Wode Maya congratulates Ghanaian men for impregnating foreign women

Some groups of women have shared videos and pictures of themselves getting pregnant after visiting Ghana.

This post was spotted on award-winning YouTube blogger, Wode Maya’s Twitter page, with the caption that read, “Big ups to my Ghanaian brothers cos my diaspora sisters moved to Ghana & they are all pregnant.”

The caption was accompanied by three pictures of different groups of women all claiming to be pregnant after a visit to Ghana.

The first picture had four women with a caption, “we are all pregnant” while the next post spotted two others claiming to have been friends for seven years sharing that they both came to Ghana and were shocked they had taken seed in the same period before they left.

Dressed in a blue bodycon dress, the third woman said “how both I and Zakisha came from Toronto to Ghana and make a baby is beyond me.”

These revelations have gotten many social media users to react to the post.

A user said, “Thing be say this diaspora and abrofo squad be understanding pass our local chicks oh, them no go bill u ahiaaa, dem saana know wossop plus them dey feel secure for this side waaa. This be why more boys make wild.”

Another added, “These diaspora people demma body dey sweet them pass aswear…. I met one last year at Accra (Osu) and I know for sure she might be pregnant by now.”

“Ah, Charley how you fit commot from Canada den come give birth for Ghana here ano dey barb!” another reacted.


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