#FixTheCountry campaigners’ case adjourned again to June 25.




A ruling on objections raised against the Attorney General’s representation in the matter of the Republic and the Organizers of #fixtheCountry protest march has been adjourned to Friday, June 25, 2021.

Attorney-General, Godfred Yeboah Dame, was on Monday morning stopped in his tracks while about to move a motion for an injunction on the protest marches.

The motion read, “an application seeking an order directed at the organisers and conveners of an intended demonstration dubbed #fixthecountry protest March, their associates, agents, assigns and workmen, prohibiting the conduct of the said demonstration on grounds of public safety, public security, and public health, till the restrictions imposed on large public gatherings are lifted by law.”

Just when the Attorney-General was about to complete his submission, a lawyer for the conveners, Julius Asinyo, raised three preliminary objections on the grounds of the capacity of the Republic to institute the proceedings, the processes invoking the Court’s jurisdiction, and whether the AG was properly before the Court.


They argued that the proceedings were civil in nature and, should have been instituted and led by the Police, and not the Attorney General.

The Attorney General however described the objections as purely misconceived and based on a complete misunderstanding of the fundamental laws regarding the instant application.

Mr. Dame argued that the police service is a public service per the constitution and must enjoy the legal services of the legal representation of the Attorney General.

Justice Ruby Aryeetey of the Criminal Court 1 Division of the High Court is expected to give her ruling to this preliminary objection on Friday, June 25, 2021.

The outcome of the ruling will then determine whether the substantive matter will be heard going forward.

Dame laments social attacks

In another development, Godfred Dame lamented in court what he says are social media attacks mounted against him in his effort to argue the case of the Republic and Conveners of #fixtheCountry protest march.

He cried to Justice Ruby Aryeetey when copies of the Facebook post were brought to his attention while in court.

The post, by one Barker H Vogues read, “Neho! Godfred Dame just stepped into Court. The puppet master reveals himself,”

Mr. Dame read this out to the court and prayed Justice Aryeetey to prevail upon counsel on the other side to advise their clients.

“Counsel should properly advise their clients, otherwise we will be compelled to bring action against them,” he said.

Justice Ruby Aryeetey however admonished the learned Attorney General to take it easy.

“I’ll advise you to develop a thick skin”.

She however advised that if the attacks persisted and the AG was minded to, he could request for action to be taken against the perpetrators.

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