Famous slay queen accuses rich Ghanaian man of rape


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A Ghanaian lady known as Khukie has accused one successful businessman of molesting her.

Born Angie Nyamewaa, Khukie as she is known on Instagram and Snapchat accused her friend’s boyfriend of forcibly abusing her.

In a post made by Angie’s friend Dulcie Boateng on Instagram, she explained what ensued on the night of the incident.

The post dated October 26, 2020 reports that the incident allegedly happened on July 10, 2020, and called out Mr. Fred who goes with the byname Too Much Money on Snapchat of forcing himself on Khukie.

Along with a picture of Khukie, Dulcie pointed out that Too Much Money is a serial rapist who takes advantage of women and gets away with it because of his wealth and connections.


She claimed that Fred thought he could have his way with any woman because he has the Police in his pocket and insinuated that he had molested a lot of other ladies.

She wrote, ”A man who believes he has Accra police in his pocket and is at liberty to do as he pleases. RAPE is not right! No man is entitled to a woman’s body just because she is in his house. “Rape victims find it so difficult coming out because the society we live in will judge the victim and blame them for an action that was caused by a pathological liar who believes he Has TOO MUCH MONEY and cannot be penalized for his actions. “He is a serial rapist and he has accomplices, so many women have been so afraid to let people know what he has done because they believe he knows people in high places and he’s above the law.”


dulcie's post
dulcie’s post

Dulcie believed that as an influencer, adding her voice to the unfairness would go a long way to get other ladies who have had such awful experiences in obscurity to also come out to share their stories.

Moments after her Instagram post, Khukie commented, ”Mean a lot bu always find a way to let me smile in my darkest days” and thanked her friend for standing by her.

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