Family speaks after 46-year old man was buried alive at Pankrono, Kumasi.




Many were the things we use to do when were kids but never knew it will come back and hunt us. Kofi Ansah Amakye’s death has taught us not to be patience but has taught us not be very judgmental said Nana Bediako Asare, the Aduana family head “abusuapanin” of Pankrono in the Asante Kingdom.


Nana Bediako was sitting in his wheel chair when the news of Kofi Amakye’s death was announced to him on phone. The phone didn’t even went dead before Nana started crying. Kofi was one of the industrious sons of the family that seek the interest of others first.

He was even the one who paid for Nana Bediako’s surgery after he got into accident, when he was going to his farm at Mampong within the same Kindgdom. Nana relied on Kofi even for his daily meal because Kofi saw him as a father and as an uncle.

When Kofi’s father died before his birth, Nana Bediako who was a serious cocoa farmer at the time made sure Kofi had everything he needed when growing up. Nana Bediako single handed Kofi’s mother and made sure they had enough money before even thinking about himself, so when he got into accident and couldn’t handle farming again, Kofi made sure to pay the man back by doing everything for him.


Nana Bediako had children but none was as vibrant and obedient and caring as Kofi Ansah so when the call came in, it broke his heart and he cried so much. He had in the previous night dreamt about Kofi giving him goodbye, he called Kofi about his dreams but it seems it was too late and the harm has already been done. It was just a farewell Kofi was giving his father, uncle and family head before he official died.

The maid Kofi hired to take care of Nana Bediako couldn’t hold her tears as it was Kofi that gave her a monthly salary. She never witnessed a monthly salary before but when Nana Bediako had the accident, Kofi hired her and told her to take care of his father whiles she lives in the same house as Nana Bediako.

She was a jobless woman selling oranges at night but Kofi’s job offer made her a whole as she begun to taste money herself. Kofi was the pride of the family. His money wasn’t just his but the whole family, so when everyone heard of his departure, they all cried and broke down as paralyzed beings.

Kofi who was living in the city was rushed to the Pankrono township after three days of his death. The wife couldn’t see her husband wasn’t dead and rushed her to the mortuary on the day he died. No doctor checked on Kofi because they believed his body was cold when they got to the hospital.

After three days in the city morgue, Kofi was transported to the town of his birth for family to place him in another mortuary there and prepare the next step.

The wife should have checked the body when they took it from the mortuary after three days. The kneel and his elbows were all scratched as he struggled to open the fridge he was placed in. When they got to the Pankrono township they headed straight to the Tafo government hospital mortuary but was later referred to the Komfo Anokye mortuary for keeping of the body. The wife again failed to check the body of her husband. She was in broken hearts but she should have still checked before they placed him in the mortuary again.

Kofi was placed in the Komfo Anokye mortuary for eight months whiles family prepared for his burial. He had made a name for himself in the society and in the town so family took enough time in his preparations. Whiles in the fridge, Kofi came back to life again and started struggling for help. He scratched his entire face and deformed his whole face with his fingers because he was looking for help and air to breath.

He died again in the mortuary at Kumasi. That was the third time Kofi had died according to Nana Bediako. The first time was when he was believed to have died and the second was when he was placed in the mortuary by the wife in the city they lived. And the third was when he was at the Komfo Anokye mortuary.

When they went for the body to prepare for burial, drama broke lose as the family thought the mortuary officials had given them another man’s body due to the manner his face was deformed. The family reschedule the burial to a different date until a DNA confirmed the deformed body was Kofi’s body.

That was when doctors confirmed Kofi Ansah died three times but medically died once because the first two was all in coma whiles the final one was his real death. He struggled until he died, that was the doctors report. He was buried alive in the mortuary and that was how come he died. He was 46 when he died.

Family speaks after 46-year old man was buried alive at Pankrono, Kumasi 2

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